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Features & Benefits

Ball Valves (3 piece)

• We design & manufacture the Lubi LBF series type of Ball Valves (Floating type) for General Water Utility & a wide variety of other applications.
• It is a type of quarter turn valves which means that the valve can be fully opened or closed when the Ball is rotated a quarter turn.

Variety & Range

• Valve Size (mm)  : 25, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100

• Hydrostatic Shell Test : 30 bar (435 psi)

• Seat Test Pressure : 22 bar (319 psi)

• Maximum Working Pressure : 20 bar (290 psi)


• General Water Utility


• Industrial

• Oil & Gas

• Water Treatment

• Waste-Water Plants


• It is suitable where simple open/shut application is needed.

• It has low maintenance cost in the long run.

• Flow Rate can also be controlled by partially opening or closing the valve to various degrees. 

• They are easy to operate as from full opening to full closing only needs a 90° rotation.

• Valves are designed & manufactured with Blow out proof Stem feature which will prevent the stem from
   being pushed out due to the pressure inside the valve.

• The stem is sealed with stem packing to prevent leakage & held in position by housing which
   is bolted into the valve body.

• The valve can be locked by a pad lock in full open or closed position.

• We have designed our seats with fine slots which are used for relieving pressure and also helps to
   prevent seat damage during closed position at high temperature.

• Our valves have a Fire -Safe feature, which means that when the R-PTFE seat melts, the ball tightly butts with the
   metal seat which controls any leakage.

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