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Features & Benefits

Elbow check valves

The Lubi LECV series check valve is an elbow check valve which reduces the mounting length by two flange connections.

It is deigned to prevent back flow in the sewage/effluent pipeline after the pump is stopped. It serves the purpose of keeping the sewage/effluent pit empty after the pumps stops.

It is also capable of handling solids being pumped. It is distinguished by a very compact, simple and robust construction with a unique feature of quick access to the valve inside via a cover fastened with studs and nuts.

It operates in the flow as normal elbow, fully opening at a velocity between 0.7 to 3 mIs, without any variable pressure drop in the system. From velocity 0.7 m/s the ball stays in a stable - open position (doesn't vibrate).

This ensures the valves work quietly and dependably.

The valve offers very low flow resistance. Once the flow starts the ball will move away from the flow section and will not be obstructing the flow of solid particles being pumped. It also offers a full (unconstrained) passage to sewage including fecal matter.


• Sewage systems containing rain water, solid particles and fecal matter
• Pumping stations
• Effluent treatment plants
• Industrial waste water systems.


• State-of-the-art compact design.

• Shorter mounting length, hence space required for mounting is less than conventional valves.

• Easy access inside the valve and to the ball.
• Low noise of operation.
• Robust construction.
• CEO coated rust proof design.
• Easy to install.

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