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Features & Benefits

Suction Diffusers

The Lubi LSD Suction Diffuser is a device which directly mounts to the suction side of horizontal or vertical centrifugal pumps.

Variety & Range

• Suction Diffuser Size : 2.5", 3", 4", 5", 6" 8", 10", 12".


The main applications of this valve is for general utility water applications as well as HVAC applications.

• General Water Applications.

• Fire Applications.


• Available in PN 16 & PN 25 as per DIN standard EN 1092-2, with flanged connections. Flanges with ANSI 125 & ANSI 250 are

   available as per ASME B16.1. Grooved end flanged connections are available on request. 

• Available with equal or reduced outlet flanges.

• Cast on supporting pads for convenient mounting of standard I.D support foot.

• Drain/purge plugs is used to drain the suction diffuser when required. It has an in-built magnet to trap small metallic particles.

• Available suction gauge port.

• 'O' ring seals body cover.

• Quick opening bolted body cover minimize down time while cleaning the strainer.

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