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Suction Diffusers

Features & Benefits :

  • Lubi Suction Diffuser is a device which directly mounts to the suction side of horizontal or vertical centrifugal pumps.
  • It is designed to reduce space and installation cost by replacing a conventional 90° elbow, 'Y' strainer and flow stabilizing piping on the suction side of the pump.
  • It may also be used as a reducing elbow, should the suction piping be larger than the pump inlet.
  • The suction diffuser consists of a start-up strainer (removable fine mesh filter), permanent strainer, guide vane, body cover and body cover 'O' ring.
  • The suction strainer helps to remove foreign materials that may be hazardous to the pump or other system components, while providing the proper flow conditions to the pump.
  • The water flow is passed through an in-built strainer to remove suspended solids and then guided to the pump suction through flow stabilizing guide vane.
  • Guide vanes reduces turbulence and resulting stress and vibration. Fine mesh filter is provided to prevent seal failure and instrumentation damage during commissioning.

Mfg. Std.

F - F :

PN16, PN25, #125, #250


PN16, PN25, #125, #250


ASME B16.5

2" - 12"


API 598


Applications :

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