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Features & Benefits

Triple Duty Valves

The Lubi LTV Series Triple Duty Valves save space and reduces purchase and installation costs by combining all the functions normally required on the discharge side of most HVAC systems into one convenient design. It features a calibrated balance valve, non-slam check valve, and positive shut-off valve all combined into one.

Variety & Range

• Valve Size : 2.5", 3", 4", 5", 6" 8", 10", 12".
• Available Configuration : Straight & 90 Degree. 
• Flanges : as per PN16, PN25, ANSI125 and ANSI 250.


• HVAC Chilled Water Plants for Air Conditioning of Buildings Shopping Malls, Auditoriums, Sports Complexes, Airports, etc. 

• HVAC Chilled Water Plants for Industries like Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage,  Chemical Manufacturing etc. 


• Performs as spring-loaded non-slam check, balancing, shut-off and throttling valve.
• Soft seated and accurately guided spring loaded disc ensures a leak free seal.
• The triple duty valves have been designed using CFD techniques to minimize head loss.
• Valve can be inline or 90° degree configuration. 
• Drain Plugs are provided at inlet and outlet of valve.
• Compact Design.
• Spring-loaded disc ensures positive sealing and eliminates chatter. 

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