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Swing Valve (Metal Seated)

API 6D / BS 1868

F - F :

ASME B16.10


#150, #300


ASME B16.5

2" - 12"


API 598

* other trim options available as per customer requirement

Applications :


Features & Benefits :


  • Lubi Check Valve Body has a straight full port on the upstream side of the valve.

  • On the downstream side, there is ample amount of space given inside the body for the disc to open & swing fully via the pressure of fluid such that it does not disturb or create any resistance & turbulence to the smooth flow.



  • The Cover of Check Valve have a provision for removing air from the top so that no air is left inside the body cavity.

Body / Cover Joint

  • The Body-Cover Joint Gasket is made up of Graphite reinforced by SS Ring so that it can handle high pressure & prevent any leakage pass through it.

  • The Body – Cover Joint is tightly sealed with the help of standard Studs & Nuts as per the Bolting Calculation to prevent any leakage past the joint under maximum operating pressure for which the valve is designed for.


  • Lubi Check Valve Disc is casted in one piece.

  • The disc is designed in such a way that a little bit of free rotational movement is given horizontally as well as vertically so that it properly aligns with the seat & hence a leak proof seal is achieved.​


Seat Ring

  • Lubi Check Valves come with a seal welded Seat Ring which offer tight leakproof seal without any deformation or loosening at high pressure – temperatures compared to threaded seats. Also, the chance of leakage past the Body & Seat gets eliminated with seal welded seats.

  • For Stainless Steel MOC’s we also offer integral Seats which are integral with the Body Casting & are machined to behave as Seats for providing sealing.​

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