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Butterfly Valve

Features & Benefits :

  • Butterfly Valves are easy to open & close.
  • They are easy to install due to their compact design & less space requirements at the place of installation.
  • We provide Tight Sealing due to close interference between disc & liner. We also provide a Triple Stem Seal which prevents any leakage and also any foreign particles from entering the valve.
  • The flow control lever as well as the gear unit are designed such that very low torque is required for controlling the valve. Also, the hand lever is lockable in order to lock the position of disc in open or close positions.
  • These valves have very less pressure drop & high pressure recovery.
  • We provide all our valves with CED coating which gives better corrosion resistance & hence gives long lasting life.

EN 593 / API 609

F - F :

API 609


PN10, PN16, #150


ASME B16.5

1.5" - 12"


API 598


Applications :

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