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Swing Check Valve (Resilient - Seated)

Features & Benefits :

  • Lubi Swing Check Valves are designed mainly to prevent any backflow in the pipeline.
  • The valve automatically opens by the pressure of flowing liquid & it shuts down fully as the pressure reaches zero.
  • No external power source required as these valves are guided by direction of fluid flow.
  • They allow flow of fluid only in one direction.
  • The pressure drop & turbulence created inside these valves are very low.
  • These valves can be used horizontally as well as vertically.
  • We provide CED Coating on the entire surface both inside as well as outside the body for better corrosion resistance & long lasting life.
* Drain Plugs can be provided as per customer requirement.


F - F :

ASME B16.10


PN10, PN16 #125


PN10, PN16

2" - 10"


API 598


Applications :

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