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Globe Steam Stop Valve

Features & Benefits :

  • Lubi Globe Steam Stop Valve are designed as per straight pattern design & are of bolted-bonnet type.
  • It has Outside Yoke & Screw (OS&Y Type) & having a Rising Stem.
  • The Seat as well as Plug is of Renewable Type.
  • The valve is designed in such a way that the disc can be
    lifted high to avoid any obstruction in the path of flow of
    the fluid.
  • The smooth & streamlined shape of the flow path inside
    the valve body & high lifting of the disc results in very
    low pressure drop.
* Suitable of Water & Steam Applications.

BS 5152

F - F :

ASME B16.10


PN10, PN16


BS 4504

1" - 3"


API 598


Applications :

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