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Each of our products are Tested & Certified as per the required standards to ensure no compromise is made in our quality of products.


Our motto is: “The customer should always get the best product, best service and most importantly the best quality in a minimum period of time.”

This is where the standard set by the industry help us to maintain the uniformity & quality of our products.


We, at Lubi strive in following the standards set by the industry / organizations and also try to maintain them at each step of the design, manufacturing as well as Testing processes.

Hence, most of our products are UL, FM, GOAT … certified.

Lubi Industries LLP, established in 1965 in the heart of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is one of the leading manufacturers & sellers of pumps, motors & many other mechanical & electrical equipments / products.


In order to push our limits / boundaries further, we have now started a new vertical in our group of companies by stepping into the Valve Industry where we can assure you that the needs of our consumer is our top priority and we will try our best to fulfill them.


We offer a wide range of products for Commercial, Industrial as well as Fire usage.

Unlike other industries as we are also a supplier pumps, control panels etc. we believe we are the right partner to offer the complete package which is competitively priced and hence the procurement, installation & service becomes easy & efficient.

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