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Ball Valve (Direct Mounting)


F - F :

ASME B16.34




ASME B16.5

1" - 4"


API 598

Features & Benefits :

  • Lubi Ball Valves are suitable where simple open / shut application is needed.
  • Our Ball Valves are designed to have minimal pressure drop & keep the flow rate high.
  • They are easy to operate as from full opening to full closing only needs a 90° rotation.
  • These Valves have a Direct Mounting Pad on top as per ISO 5211 to directly mount actuators on the valve without the use of any bracket coupler arrangement in between.
  • Valves are designed & manufactured with Blow out proof Stem feature which will prevent the stem from being pushed out due to the pressure inside the valve body.
  • The stem is sealed with stem packing to prevent leakage past through the stem.
  • Our Balls have smooth mirror finish for tight sealing & obtaining lower operating torques.
  • We have designed our seats with fine slots which are used for relieving pressure and also helps to prevent seat damage during closed position at high temperature.
  • All our valves have anti-static device feature available as standard.
  • Our valves have a Fire -Safe feature, which means that when the PTFE seat melts, the ball tightly butts with the metal seat which controls any leakage.
* Other material & seat options available on special request.

Applications :

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