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Globe Valve (Metal Seated)

API 623 / BS 1873

F - F :

ASME B16.10


#150, #300


ASME B16.5

2" - 10"


API 598

* other trim options available as per customer requirement

Applications :


Features & Benefits :


  • Lubi Globe Valve Body is designed in such a way that the flow passage area never decreases. This ensures & helps in achieving proper flow with minimal loss at the outlet of the valve.

  • The Body has three internal guide ribs which help in guiding the plug vertically which helps in proper plug seating & providing tight leak proof seal.



  • The Bonnet of Gate Valve are designed in such a way that Integral Back-Seat as well as Threaded Back-Seat options are available to offer as per customer requirement.

  • The Bonnet also houses the Yoke Sleeve & Stuffing Box assembly both of which are precisely machined to give proper alignment to the stem & the wedge during sealing.

Body / Bonnet Joint

  • The Body-Bonnet Joint Gasket is made up of Graphite reinforced by SS Ring so that it can handle high pressure & prevent any leakage pass through it.

  • The Body – Bonnet Joint is tightly sealed with the help of standard Studs & Nuts as per the Bolting Calculation to prevent any leakage past the joint under maximum operating pressure for which the valve is designed for.


  • Lubi Globe Valve Plug is casted in one piece. The plug is properly guided inside the body with the help of three Guide Ribs provided in the body

  • The plug is able to rotate freely inside the body which helps in the plug getting properly seated & aligned with the Body Seat & hence provide leak proof seal.

  • There is a provision of providing a Thrust Plate inside the plug in between the face of stem & plug ID which makes sure that the stem as well as plug do not wear out but the small inexpensive Thrust Plate wears out due to friction. Once the Thrust Plate wears out it can easily be replaced.

Seat Ring

  • Lubi Globe Valves come with a seal welded Seat Ring which offer tight leakproof seal without any deformation or loosening at high pressure – temperatures compared to threaded seats. Also, the chance of leakage past the Body & Seat gets eliminated with seal welded seats.

  • For Stainless Steel MOC’s we also offer integral Seats which are integral with the Body Casting & are machined to behave as Seats for providing sealing.

  • Threaded Seats are available optionally as per customer requirement for Lubi Globe Valves.


  • Lubi Globe Valve has a Stem which is of one piece construction.

  • It has smooth machined surface & ACME Threads made using precision machinery & tooling in order to increase life of the stem as well as to minimize leakage, friction & thus torque.

  • Lubi Globe Valves have a stem which is secured to the Plug using a stem nut which allows free rotational movement of the plug while opening & closing. This ensures uniform seating when the valve is closed & hence prevents any leakage.

Yoke Bush

  • It is made up of either Cast Ductile Iron Grade D2 or Aluminum Bronze material in order to provide corrosion resistance, heat resistance & prevent & wear.

  • It has long thread engagement as per Standard _____ which provide proper alignment of the stem.

Stem Packing Box

  • The Packing Box contains space for stem packing & is machined as per the precise tolerances given by Design. The surface finish is also closely controlled in order to prevent any leakage of steam / fluid past through it.

  • Seven numbers of Gland Packing are provided in the Stem Packing Box. The two ends of the packing are of Graphite cross-plaited packing & the middle 5 are of compressed graphite packing rings.

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